Bandai Namco have used their annual Tales of Festival to announce a new title in the long-running franchise: Tales of Berseria.

For the time being, details on the project are scarce, but it will be the first game in the series to make its way to the newest generation of consoles, with it being planned for release on both PlayStation 3 and 4. Berseria will also be the first title in the long history of the Tales of… series to feature a female as the main protagonist. The character, named Velvet, is being designed by Mutsumi Inomata (who has worked on many previous Tales of… titles, as well as Tekken, and the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime series) and voiced by Rina Satou in the Japanese dub of the game. It has further been revealed that animation for the game is being outsourced to ufotable, which has contributed to a myriad of project across several different mediums in past years.

Although no Western release for Tales of Berseria has been announced, given the history of the series, it is a safe bet to assume that it will be localised eventually, although not at least until after Tales of Zestiria has seen its European and US release, which is scheduled for Q3 this year.

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