Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto recently gave new details and insights into the next game in the franchise, the Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario Odyssey.

Via a translator, Miyamoto was interviewed during a livestream of Nintendo’s Treehouse program. Thanks to reports by Gamespot and PowerUpGamingUK, several new pieces of information into the development and features of Super Mario Odyssey were revealed.

The 30-year-old Super Mario franchise has seen several changes, and Miyamoto noted that those changes were often based on a “give-and-take” process between making gameplay easier or harder. Now, working with the Nintendo Switch, Miyamoto stated that the development team is aiming for “the core side” to attract action-game-oriented players.

Harking back to past complaints about camera controls of 3D Mario titles, Miyamoto sought to assuage any concerns, adding that “with Odyssey, we made sure the camera controls are really smooth and simple to use, and the Switch controller is really conducive to that. We’ve made a sandbox-style game that is easy to, and feels good to, control.”

Referring to the popularity of 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine, Miyamoto discussed the goal of the Odyssey development team as being “[to go] back to the roots of Sunshine, [especially with a team mostly made up of people who worked on all of the past 3D titles.]”

Lastly, Miyamoto mentioned the vastly different settings of Odyssey compared to the rest of the franchise, emphasizing the focus on the question of whether Mario can still fit in in such UnMushroom-Kingdom-like locales.

Super Mario Odyssey was announced as one of the flagship games for Nintendo’s latest hardware, and is currently scheduled for release towards the end of 2017.

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Cedric Lansangan

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