Star Wars Project Maverick Leak

EA’s next Star Wars title may have been leaked by a Twitter bot when searching listings on the PlayStation Network.

The Twitter bot, which scrapes the PlayStation Store for new listings, had previously leaked the Final Fantasy VII demo prior to its release, adding further credibility to the claim. The listing titled Star Wars: Project Maverick was accompanied by an image featuring a Star Destroyer and several X-Wings.

Both the imagery and the Top Gun reference suggest that the project will be oriented more towards piloting and piloting. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier confirmed that Project Maverick was the title being worked on by Motive Studios. Schreier previously described the game as “a smaller, more unusual project.”

Motive previously collaborated with Criterion Games and EA Dice on Star Wars Battlefront II. OnlySP’s Dylan Warman reviewed Battlefront II, awarding it a Pass (2/5) and noting that it “misses the mark in more ways than not.”

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    1. So, its a dead project?
      Disney has owned Star Wars before 2015, and there´s only been like 5 games released since then.
      Battlefront I and II and Fallen order are the only ones to stand out, where are the other games?

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