Some new images have surfaced showing some of the technical features that Square Enix’s next generation Luminous engine is capable of. The images, which come from 4Gamer, via 360e, consist of some stills from Square Enix’s E3 demo, titled Agni’s Philosophy, annotated for tech features. Additionally, there are a number of renders displaying specific technological abilities of the engine. Some of the new tech shows some rather nicely rendered blood, fog effects, particles and blur, and post processing glare.

More speccy are the transparency renders, which shows off the lovely refraction, specular, and texturing capabilities to create beautiful transparent objects, and shadows, including PCF-based (that’s percentage-closer filtering for the uninitiated) tech for creating soft edged shadows, and Fourier opacity map based shadows for creating volumetric shadows.

This all boils down to better light going through and bouncing off objects, and lovely full, soft shadows to create measured depths.

It looks good, and further whets our appetites for the next generation of console technology.

Below is Square Enix’s Agni’s Philosophy tech demo from their YouTube page, as showed at E3 last year, and below that are the images from 360e, which you can click to make bigger. Can you spot all the effects?

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  1. If they can get those kind of visuals in regular gameplay, I’ll be sold on buying the next gen consoles. We’ve all been fooled before though. I remember the tech demos that were being shown off when the PS3 and 360 were nearing release, and what we got in reality was far from it.

    1. or current gen demos like Colonial Marines that are all a lie. we trust no one.

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