The preview embargo for Sunset Overdrive has been lifted and a flood of new information is now available.

But first, we want to show you some new screenshots of the game which you can view just below. The game is looking quite dazzling with loads of color, weapons and disgusting looking creatures. Checkout the screenshots below and be on the lookout for more details throughout the day as we’ll be covering Sunset Overdrive to its full extent.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Looks like Fortinite (style and shooting) plus Infamous (some gameplay elements). Probably Microsoft’s “response” to the latter? High-quality stuff, but not my kind of thing. :|

    1. I was thinking this is more their answer to maybe, or maybe not having a new Crackdown on the system since everyone’s asking for it.

  2. Looks like a campy Infamous rip off, weird!

    1. Give me a break, this looks NOTHING like Infamous.

      1. Nothing like Infamous? Besides the design of the main character, his animations/movements (eg running across the face of a wall), his powers etc? Riight…

        1. So wall running is now exclusive to Infamous? There’s some similarities, but it’s not a ripoff. There’s a totally different concept here, totally different art style It’s not a ripoff by a long shot.

          1. Well it looks more than enough like Infamous for me to know I don’t have any interest in playing it! Infamous looks fantastic but the gameplay does absolutely nothing for me, I’ll try it when it’s free on PSN+!

          2. Playing through it right now. I wish they stuck with more unrealistic stuff like in the first two games and kept the same type of art style. Not a fan of the ultra realistic looking environments, as pretty as it is.

          3. TBH the ultra realistic looking environments are the only thing it has going for it for me :)

        2. what powers? what animations? it has tf2 like graphics and its focused around guns not powers.

          It reminds me seeing people whinning about saints row iv playing like prototype, come on.

    2. aghhhh, play something other than infamous for crying outloud.

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