A preview by IGN of The Last Guardian has offered up some screenshots of the PS4 exclusive.

The Last Guardian will the the latest title directed and lead-designed by Fumito Ueda, who was also the lead designer and director on Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It casts you as a young boy who must adventure and look after a griffon named Trico. Not much else is known about the narrative besides the director stating in 2010 that emotional attachment will be a major aspect of the title.

While earlier screenshots of The Last Guardian and Ueda’s previous work has garnered excitement, it has been delayed. A lot. It was unveiled in 2007, a year after the PS3’s release as an intended title exclusive to the platform. While there has been the occasional development, like a trailer in 2009 and a vertical slice in 2011, generally it has been seen by its audience as elusive as Half Life 3. This hit critical mass when, in early 2015, Sony did not renew the North American trademark on The Last Guardian. Citing an “administration oversight”, the trademark was reregistered soon after with assurances the game was still in development.

This will also be the last title by Ueda at Sony, as midway through development in 2011 he left to create a new company with others who used to be at Team Ico. The newly created development studio has been named GenDesign. Although he commented that despite the new company he is committed to seeing The Last Guardian to completion.

Fortunately, for those wanting what may be a tear-jerker in a videogame form, The Last Guardian now has the release date of some time in 2016. In the meanwhile, here are some screenshots of the title:

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