Since its announcement back in December of last year, Telltale has kept its virtual mouth shut concerning development on Tales from the Borderlands for the past 4 months…until today.

Via the Playstation Blog, Adam Sarasohn, a producer at Telltale Games, today released five shiny new screenshots of the upcoming episodic series based on Gearbox Softwares’ wildly-popular Borderlands franchise. In classic Telltale style, the screenshots’ gritty comic book look appears flawless, with the now-familiar dialogue options present once again in the screenshot above. Blood animation appears to have also been enhanced compared to Telltales’ past work with The Walking Dead. Take a look at all of the five screenshots in the gallery below.

Being not very familiar with the Borderlands franchise myself, I can’t say whether Telltale has successfully translated the visual feel of the franchise into their comic look, so you’ll have to be the judge of that.

In the post, Sarasohn emphasized that Telltale desired to more-fully flesh out the already-rich characters and story arcs of Pandora touched on in the Borderlands games. Sarasohn went on to add that the multiple possible choices included in all Telltale games since Jurassic Park (correct me if I’m wrong) is a key feature that he believes will captivate series-fans and newcomers alike.

Sarasohn included a list of other info about the game:

  • The loot you “acquire” in Tales from the Borderlands will be available to use in other entries of the Borderlands franchise.
  • Each episode in the series will cost $4.99, but, as was also used in The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2, you can save by buying the Season Pass.
  • As ever, the choices you make in each episode of the series carry over and impact the later episodes in some way, making for a unique experience for every player.
  • Taking place following the events of Borderlands 2, Sarasohn teased that Handsome Jack is apparently not gone after all, as a teaser video posted as part of the series’ announcement hinted at.
  • There are two different viewpoints to play from: Hyperion-employed company-man Rhys and infamous master con-artist Fiona.
  • The player must play the game from both characters’ viewpoints to get the full truth, as both characters have their own biases and exaggerations that blur the true version of events.

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  1. Telltale sure is up to a lot right now, I hope quality doesn’t suffer because of it. TWD Season 2, Wolf Among Us, Borderlands and Game of Thrones. I’d rather they just focus on one series at a time, but doesn’t look like that’s happening…

    1. Well it seems like they only need a few people working on each episode after the script is written. Point and click games are usually made by small teams so I’m sure they can handle it after upping their studio size following the success of the TWD. I can only imagine what Game of Thrones will do for them.

      1. Yeah…. well, time will tell I guess.

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