Check out these new screenshots and art for DmC, Capcom and Ninja Theory’s upcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise. Taking place before the events of the first game, the game features a younger, brasher Dante who’s learning to cope with his new found powers.

The screenshots show Dante fending off demonic creatures in what appears to be a boardwalk from hell or a alternate dimension; complete with casinos and bars, and attractions like a merry-go-round and a arcade. It’s a setting reminiscent of Devil May Cry 3’s more playful locations, like the pool bar and nightclub, but with a darker touch.

The art also showcases the new designs for Rebellion, Dante’s signature sword, and Ebony and Ivory, his trusty firearms. We also have another good look at young Dante himself.

Check out the screens and art below!

What do you think of DmC’s radical new take? Still not convinced? Sound off in the comments below!

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