New Progress Update for Shadowrun Hong Kong and its sounds like its right on track

Kickstarter projects continue to spring up everyday, with more and more developers seeing it as a viable platform to fund a new IP or resurrect an old series and Harebrained Schemes LLC are thriving on it.

After resurrecting the Shadowrun series and achieving great success with Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall, they are now focused on their newest project, Shadowrun Hong Kong, which was Kickstarted earlier this year.

In their latest progress update for the game, Harebrained talked about how Hong Kong was coming along and announcing the release of the Steam page for the game with a new trailer and screenshots showing off some of the environments players can expect to see in the final version.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is on track for an important milestone at the end of this month: Feature Complete! That’s when the code for all our new features is working in the game. There will still be a little placeholder art remaining for some of the new interfaces we’ve added, but the underlying code works like it’s supposed to and everything will be in the hands of the artists and the designers after that. For the engineers, it’s all bug fixes, tweaks, and polish for the rest of the project!

The Shadowrun series are Cyberpunk tactical RPGs, with a focus on gathering and managing a party of rogues and warriors and changing story lines based on the player’s influence. The newest edition to the series travels to the magically awakened Hong Kong in the year 2056.

Here are screenshots released today from Harebrained of their Shadowrun version of Hong Kong:

So far the visuals for the game are looking great with a real gritty and lived in feel from the images we have seen so far. The developers also announced via their update that all three Shadowrun games funded through Kickstarter, are on sale now on Steam, including the Deluxe edition of Shadowrun Hong Kong.

Shadowrun Sale

Check out the new trailer for the game, which reflects on the past successes of Harebrained Schemes and looks towards the future of the franchise with Hong Kong.

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Shadowrun Hong Kong is set to come out in Summer this year for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, with the option to pre-purchase the game already available through the game’s Steam page.

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