Sword and Shield Team Yell

The latest trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield centers on Galarian forms, new Pokémon, rivals, and the Galar region’s villainous team.

While some fans were critical of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s incomplete National Dex and graphical limitations, many were delighted to learn that this latest trailer continued last month’s trend of introducing new Pokémon forms and characters. Similar to the Alolan forms that premiered in Pokémon Sun and MoonSword and Shield will introduce Galarian forms for several older pocket monsters. Galar region Wheezing will have a more aristocratic design, have a dual Poison/Fairy typing, and have access to a currently hidden ability. Similarly, the Pokémon Zigzagoon and Linoone will have punk-rock inspired redesigns and have a new Dark/Normal typing.

For the first time ever in the Pokémon franchise, these form differences will include a new evolution. Obstagoon is the third monster in the Galar Zigzagoon evolutionary line and can use the unique movie Obstruct. The Pikachu clone Morpeko also premiered in this latest trailer. Morpeko is a dual Electric/Dark type that changes forms every other turn thanks to its signature ability Hunger Switch, which alternates the typing of its Aura Wheel attack between Electric and Dark.

This trailer also reveals that Hop will not be the only rival in the games. Bede is another trainer who’s taking on the Pokémon League after an endorsement from Chairman Rose and possesses ulterior motives. The other new rival is Marnie, who uses a Morpeko and is the de facto leader of Team Yell, the new villainous team.

Team Yell is the Galar region’s antagonistic group and has a punk design that’s similar to Team Skull from Sun and Moon. Rather than fighting for societal change, though, Team Yell seeks to inconvenience other trainers so that Marnie can more easily become the Galar League Champion. They will take over hotel lobbies if it benefits Marnie, prevent trainers from accessing certain areas, and even distract Marnie’s opponents in battle with harsh words and dual-ended vuvuzelas. This is the first time a villainous team has directly supported a rival character in mainline Pokémon games, and Team Yell will likely push Sword and Shield’s story into some new directions for the franchise.

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