Sony’s Japan Studio has been hard at work on a new game and it’s starting to get some attention. It has an interesting plot and art style from the looks of it but not much else is known.

It looks like there is a government conspiracy of sorts and time plays a big role into the plot. There are also monsters because, how could you make a Japanese game without them, right? Looks cool, nonetheless!

A release date is unknown at this point but I’d assume that more information will be coming in the next few weeks.  We know it’ll be a Playstation exclusive but what system(s) will it be on?

Matt Pettit
I love video games. Writing, talking, and playing them to be specific. I love the industry and could talk your ear off about some video games. Try me if you don't believe me, just bring some snacks.

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    1. OK so I really want this game now and think it would be a great fit for the Vita. Here’s hoping it get’s a Western release date.

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