A new 2D platformer by the name of Even The Ocean has been announced via a trailer that was put up by its creators today.

Joni Kittaka and Sean Hogan are said developers, who were the minds behind the 2013 action-adventure indie game Anodyne. Upon the release of Anodyne, Kittaka and Hogan were collectively known as Analgesic Productions.

Even The Ocean doesn’t give away too much information other than the main gameplay will involve 2D platforming with a retro-looking art style. Dialogue will be displayed in text boxes similar to older RPGs like the early Final Fantasy titles, for example.

The game world looks futuristic, with a very interesting protagonist named Aliph who doesn’t seem to fit in the world at first glance. Working as a technician at a Power Plant, she must investigate a string of failures which we assume will lead to a much bigger storyline. Of course we will come to find out much more about Even The Ocean closer to release, including release dates and platforms, so keep tuned to OnlySP via Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP).

Check out the trailer below, and for a little bit extra informatiion, visit the official site at eventheocean.com.

Rhys Cooper

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