Did a Nintendo patent reveal their hand as to what their new gimmick will be for the Nintendo NX?

According to several sources, Nintendo has put out a patent for a completely touchscreen controller. Not much is known about the device yet – let alone what they intend to even use it for, it could be their next version of the 3DS, a new controller option for the Wii U, or just Nintendo tinkering with a new idea that will never come to fruition – but it’s an interesting concept if you like touchscreens. You can see a mock-up of the device that’s been circulating the internet below and check out a copy of the patent here.

According to the patent, there would actually be analog sticks and shoulder buttons but the whole front of the controller would be a touchscreen, like a phone, with two context-aware buttons in the display.



We don’t know much about the NX, but this does seem like an evolution of the Wii U’s gamepad (particularly since general consensus from most critics is that it was too large). However, since Nintendo has said that the NX will be nothing like the Wii U and this seems like basically just a smaller version of the gamepad, it’s hard to say if this fits the bill. Whatever the case, given the fact that this is only a patent right now, consider this no better than a rumor.

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