Negative Atmosphere

Sunscorched Studios has released a new teaser for Negative Atmosphere, demonstrating a move away from being the Dead Space clone that characterised rhetoric around its debut.

The trailer is brief, showing only glimpses of the setting, protagonist, and a wildly distended enemy.

The game remains as claustrophobic as ever. The enemy design also still echoes the peeled-back-skin aesthetic common across the Dead Space series.

However, the main character’s outfit now appears more militaristic, and Sunscorched is leading with traditional firearms, rather than the utilitarian ethos of Isaac Clarke.

The protagonist, Samuel Edwards, also seems more individualistic than Isaac Clarke ever was, openly showing frustration and anger in the clip. The voice acting still needs work, but Negative Atmosphere remains in the early stages of development, so much could yet change..

On Patreon, the development team says that it aims to have a demo ready by the end of this year to show off to publishers or take to a crowdfunding campaign. However, target platforms or a release window are not yet set.

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Damien Lawardorn
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