The new Need for Speed will feature an offline mode alongside its perpetually online version for which recent installments have become known.

According to Ghost Games, the developer behind the franchise’s newest entry, “you will be able to play through a single-player experience completely offline. Before you ask, and we know you will, this does mean you will be able to pause the game.”

Returning to the series is the ability to completely customize vehicles. Specifics of what customization will entail were not provided. However, Ghost Games did say “[customization] will play as strong a role as ever.” If previous titles are any indication, this likely means players will be able to tweak almost every aspect of their coveted vehicles, from mechanical tuning to aesthetic beauty.

Naturally, police chases will be featured in the new game. Need for Speed just would not be the same without a good chase, and having the police in the mix during a street race certainly does much to get adrenaline pumping. Several ways of losing the police will be returning, including utilizing jumps to put some death-defying distance between the player and law enforcement.

Again, assuming previous titles serve as examples of the franchise’s current direction, stunt jumps will return as well. In past Need for Speed entries, players were encouraged to perform epic leaps in their speedy vehicles, promising rewards that ranged from in-game currency to reputation that unlocked parts for players to apply to their cars.

No official release date for the new Need for Speed has been announced, but Ghost Games projects the title to be released before the end of 2017.

Need for Speed is an action racing video game series that debuted in 1994 on 3DO. Ports for the first game were made available for PC in 1995, as well as PlayStation and Saturn in 1996. The franchise was created by Electronic Arts (EA) and is currently developed by Ghost Games. Need for Speed centers around illicit street racing featuring different types of races (drag racing, destination racing, lap racing, etc.).

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Dylan Warman

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