Lords of the Fallen was finally given a release date yesterday, and, well, you can take a guess at which month it will release in this year. Oh wait, here I’ll answer it for you. OCTOBER. Yup, October 28th.

Anyways, some new screenshots and pieces of artwork have been released for the game which you can view just below in our glorious media gallery. Be sure to let us know what you think about the game releasing in October and the screenshots/artwork just below.

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  1. What a great information. I wait on it so long and here it is. I’m very excited because now I know how much time we must wait to this game. Screenshot looks awesome, monster are terrifying:) I like it.

  2. I agree, great news. I too could not wait to finally say something about the date. Now everything is clear.;) Or I can not be satisfied that the undecided to another month, because in October terrible crush. LoF looks amazing, I think it will find its place among other hits October.

  3. Who knows in October will release so much good promising game. This month will be hard for gamer and for our wallet:P One I know on 100% – Lords of the Fallen will be one of this games which I must have.

  4. October? Yes!! Finally, specific information! In fact, it will be a difficult time for my wallet, but a booked time and money on this game. Artworks show how highly worth it!

  5. Great information. I agree with you guys. Finally we know when this game will have release date. Now I know in October will comes out one more good game which I must have.

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