Avalanche Studios released the first trailer for Just Cause 3 the other day which wasn’t the gameplay trailer you were all hoping for, but it did give you a glimpse of Rico and the story that the game will follow in a pretty stylish way.

Following the release of the trailer some new screenshots were released for the game, which you can view just below in the image gallery.

The Just Cause Twitter account revealed that the game world is around 400 sq km, which is pretty insane considering just how detailed these screenshots are. The game will have many different locations with varying environments, so based on the screenshots released so far, we’ve seen very, and I mean VERY little of the game world on offer.

The trailer previously mentioned also notes that the game will release in late 2015, which we forgot to mention the other day. Oops.

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Cedric Lansangan

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  1. The release is quite “close”, so yay! I share the often less politely expressed opinion that the teaser was not very exciting, given this is a game where the gameplay is the fun part, but I am a patient person.

    I’d rather see something representative of the game and good to keep me going than a messy quick fix. The images look really nice. I wonder if there are any buildings one can enter and if there are more of them than in the previous games. It really helps feel immersed when you can actually enter places.

    1. I just want fully destructible buildings, but I’ll probably have to wait for Crackdown to get that wish.

      1. I want to enter them, admire the beautiful interior design and then go out and destroy them. :P

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