Capcom, the company behind the Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry franchises, may have at least three new IPs currently in development, according to a recent rumour. claims that an unidentified source, referred to as “a friend of the site” leaked a brief synopsis and concept art for each of the three titles, but failed to provide the development status or target platforms.

The first of the three games is called Knights of Aegis, and is set in a fantasy version of 1974 New York City. The project is described as an action-shooter that provides players access to elemental magic. Players will take the role of a character drafted into the Order of Aegis, dedicated to preventing cross-over between the natural and supernatural worlds, who finds him- or herself forced to defend against a “powerful evil”.

With its blending of contemporary action and fantasy tropes, the premise of Knights of Aegis is somewhat reminiscent of Legendary: The Box, and that comparison does not inspire confidence.

Broken Horizon, a four-player co-op shooter, is the second title.

With the action taking place on a hostile alien world 200 years after the majority of the human colonists fled the planet, players will have to defend against both other humans and the indigenous aliens to control the predominant source of energy, T-Eng. Broken Horizon features mech-based gameplay, with the ability to upgrade and customise the exoskeleton.

Given the allusions to T-Eng, mechs, the planet of Eden, and the focus on co-operative, Broken Horizon is widely speculated to be a continuation of the mediocre Lost Planet series, rather than a new IP.

The final game to emerge from the leak is Lost Star, which seems to be an RPG. The project follows a small group of space travellers who happen upon an ancient map at the edge of the galaxy, and find themselves caught up in “the ultimate battle between good and evil.” With multiple planets to explore and a cast of characters that vary in both species and ability, Lost Star appears unabashedly inspired by Mass Effect.

Although the original source claims that the leak is legitimate, the existence of each of the aforementioned remains unconfirmed.

In addition to these potential projects, Capcom is known to be working on at least two games, Deep Down and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Despite that, please do let us know what you think of each title in the comments below.

Damien Lawardorn
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