As seen on Gamingbolt, a bunch of new details have emerged from Game Informer regarding Assassin’s Creed III. Since this is a new entry in the main canon of the series, the development team has worked hard to create something new. The game has been in development for three years, alongside that of Brotherhood and Revelations.

A number of changes have already been announced, key among them that a new camera view that will offer a better view of the action, as well as a difference in the presentation of the cinematics. These are partly due to it running on a new version of the Anvil Engine, which has powered past iterations, and that different seasons will now be represented as you progress through the story. Also, the setting means that the developers have elected to use the Mohawk language of the Native Americans within the title.

The game tells the tale of Connor, also known as Ratohnhaké:ton, the quiet and introverted son of a British soldier and Mohican woman, who is willing to fight for his beliefs. In the course of the game, he crosses paths with the Assassins, taking up their mettle and assisting in the never-ending battle against the Templars. It has also been revealed that the main allies in terms of the war will be the Americans with specific characters potentially including the likes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Charles Lee, though not everything may be as it seems as the Templars could have infiltrated both sides. You can expect story and character interaction to play a large role, as two and half hours of scenes have been recorded for inclusion.

With this new setting, we will also see new environments, such as forested areas and the rustic beginnings of Boston and New York, with a map almost twice the size of that of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The game will also incorporate new traversal features to take advantage of the new environments, and a quick travel system will also be implemented. Furthermore, Ubisoft has taken cues from Red Dead Redemption and included game that can be hunted and skinned for income.

Combat and stealth has been refined as Connor is more of a hunter than the previous ancestors. He can climb trees, hide among the elements and dual wield weapons; an example being a dagger and tomahawk. The passage of time is reflected by the replacement of the Romani and Mercenary factions with others fitted to the new setting, as well as an alteration in the appearance of the Assassin’s themselves. And in case you’re wondering, the dreaded tower defense game has been cut.

On Desmond’s side, there will also be new features. He’ll be using a new Animus, called Animus 3.0. Players will be able to sync memories to 100% percent, and be rewarded for doing so. Checkpoints will be also be added to replayed segments, making it somewhat easier to achieve that goal. Puzzles like “The Truth” will also make a return in the new entry.

In addition,  a lot of interesting details can be seen in the images that raise quite a few questions. Muskets are in the game. Will Connor be able to use them in the game, perhaps as both a long-range and a close-range weapon? Dogs can also be seen, leading to the possibility of having them assist you in battle. Will a new cover component be introduced? He can be seen hiding behind trees when observing a squad of soldiers. It would be an awesome mechanic to play with, and its nearly universally seen in stealth titles. These suppositions all present interesting possibilities.

Well there you have it! What do you guys think? Comment below!


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