If you’re looking for a simulation of riding a train to work, you’re in the wrong place. Metro: Last Light is the sequel to 2010’s atmospheric gem Metro 2033. THQ has revealed further details regarding the game, as well as confirmation that it will be shown at E3.

Last Light will continue the post-apocalyptic story of how Russia was forced underground after nuclear war devastated the country. The “bullet economy” from the last game has returned. There are two types of bullets; regular ones, and pre-war ones that are more effective but at the same time serve as the currency in the game. There’s a strategic balance to using your pre-war bullets versus keeping them to buy supplies and equipment. Developer 4A games have stated that they’ve created a better way of teaching and explaining the system to the player. The HUD and controls will also be improved, they say.

Lastly, the engine has seen an upgrade. 4A have stated that their 4A engine is looking to make the absolute most of the consoles’ graphical capabilities, with the PC being pushed even harder. Destructible environments are to be included, with bullets having an impact on the vast majority of walls and other surfaces. This will add into the more non-linear design this time around, as you can no doubt ‘make your own door’ to create alternate paths through levels.

Stock up on some baked beans and equipment in preparation for videos and screenshots to come, as well as the game’s E3 showing. Metro: Last Light will come sometime in 2013 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, with a Wii U version rumored.


Michael Urban
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