We’re on Day 7 of the PC gamers wallet emptying sales event, aka the Steam Summer Sale. If you’re a console gamer envious of the bargains know that GameStop is willing to throw you a bone. This week there aer two new percentage-based GameStop coupon codes that stack on top of a plethora of games with instant savings discounts.

Use the code SLICK15 for 15% off in-stock games priced $29.99 and up.

The coupon requires at least a total order of $29.99 or greater. If you’re looking for individual titles, you’ll want to use it mainly for discounting some of the latest/popular releases. Specifically, the following titles are all 2013 releases with big discounts.

  • * Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch $25.49 (PS3) – normally $40. Released January 22nd.
  • * Bioshock Infinite $33.99 (360, PS3) – normally $60. Released March 26th.
  • * Soul Hackers $25.49 (3DS) – normally $40. Released April 16th.
  • * Injustice: Gods Among Us $33.99 (360, PS3) – normally $60. Released April 16th.
  • * Skyrim Legendary Edition $50.99 (360, PS3) – normally $60. Released June 4th.
  • * The Last of Us $50.99 (PS3) – normally $60. Released June 14th.
  • * NCAA Football 14 $50.99 (360, PS3) – normally $60. Released July 9th.
  • * Dynasty Warriors 8 $50.99 (360, PS3) – normally $60. Released July 16th.

If you buy more than one title you probably can take advantage of greater savings with the second GameStop coupon code SUMM3R for 20% off games prices $69.99 and up.

These coupon codes end on Sunday, July 21st and only work on in-stock games or accessories. The coupons will not work on preorder games or hardware – so don’t think you’ll be getting 20% off your Xbone preorder just yet.

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    1. Yeah I was laughing pretty hard while playing Last of Us….. >_>

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