CHORUS: An Adventure Musical

Summerfall Studios has shown off more gameplay from CHORUS: An Adventure Musical, teasing how the game’s unique interactive musical sequences will play out. 

The clip is an extended version of the first part of the Minataur song included in the game’s reveal trailer, showcasing a seamless transition from narrative dialogue to a musical scene. The clip also features a demonstration of the dialogue system which gives players a choice in how they approach each battle, affecting events later in the story.

Described as “a thrilling tale of gods, romance, danger, and tragedy” in a modern setting, CHORUS: An Adventure Musical was recently revealed as Summerfall Studio’s first title since being established earlier this year. The game will feature the talents of The Last of Us actor Troy Baker and actress Laura Bailey, with music composed by Journey’s Austin Wintory.

Currently at $140,000 of its $600,000 goal, the game’s crowdfunding campaign on Fig will run until early next month, ending on November 10.

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