A playable demo of Sony’s hotly anticipated inFamous: Second Son was available at the recent Taipei Game Show in Taiwan and a number of Taiwanese and Japanese sources have taken the opportunity to go hands-on with the game, as well as ask about some pertinent details. Word from 3C & Tech, UDN, Game Watch, and compiled by Dualshockers reveals some of this new information, which includes some interesting facts about the gameplay.

The first of these is that, although Delsin will have several power classes at his disposal as the game progresses, only one of them will be active at any given time. Though switching between them cannot be done on-the-fly, it is as simple as absorbing even a small amount of whichever element you want to use. As was the case in the previous games, recharging your powers is an entirely manual process, with potential sources being marked on the mini-map.

In addition to having unique abilities, such as the super-speed of neon and teleport of smoke, each element has different strengths. For example, smoke is primarily centred around melee attacks, while the powers of neon are more suited to ranged use, with its basic projectiles being both faster and more accurate than those of the smoke element. The developers at Sucker Punch are also putting the Dualshock 4’s touch pad to good use, after earlier saying that it would be used to allow for more “verbs”. The sources note that it is used for such things as drawing power from sources, opening doors and releasing prisoners, among others.

Finally, like its predecessors, the game will feature only two endings; one good and one evil. The path to either, however, is dotted with moral choices that may branch the story slightly. Interestingly, the choices that players make can have an impact on the difficulty of the game.

As part of our Big Twelve, we will continue to cover inFamous: Second Son in detail up to, and beyond, its March 21 release date. It will be available exclusively on the Playstation 4.

Source(s) – 3C & Tech, UDN, Game Watch, via Dualshockers

Damien Lawardorn
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