A new first person parkour game by Game Over has hit Kickstarter.

Failsafe, a game about “exploration, forgotten worlds and secrets” is an adventure inspired by the stories of famous Studio Ghibli auteur Hayao Miyazaki. Its other influences include “the fluidity of Journey and the monolithic scale of Shadow of the Colossus” according to their Kickstarter page. It aims to provide a large environment for the players to explore as they navigate their way around the remains of a mysterious civilisation, all while getting to do some pretty cool parkour.

So far the game has had 620 backers and has raised $16,411 of its $80,000 dollar goal, but with 21 days to go it has every chance of making it.

The game, which is currently in the alpha state, will first be released on PC, Mac and Linux and the developers also intend to release it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at some point after that.

Sep Gohardani

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