More details have been given on the PlayStation Japan for Final Fantasy XV including gameplay, character backgrounds, and the plotline.

*This information is from a rough translation.

According to PlayStation Japan, Final Fantasy XV will have dynamic field to battle transition which is uninterrupted. The game will also have a heavy action focus and co-operation aspect to its ally system by switching characters on the fly and creating combination attacks (this aspect sounds quite similar to Tales of Xillia‘s recent battle systems).

This Final Fantasy will also have five main characters: Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, Promopto, and Cor. Noctis is an heir to the throne of the kingdom of Rushisu who hates the formal life and instead wants to protect those he cares about. This heir, however, is quite clumsy but to help him on this adventure is Gladiolus, a royal protector whose family has been protecting Noctis and his predecessors for generations. Due to this kinship between families, Noctis and Gladiolus have known each other since childhood so they are good friends.Another character by the name of Ignis is also a childhood friend but he is also his counselor.

Not all of the party members are friends of Noctis however. Promopto is a womanizer and rival of Noctis during his school years with no royal line.  In addition, Cor is a loyal and tough warrior who is appointed the kingdom’s Guard Captain (perhaps Cor could be similar to Final Fantasy IX’s Steiner but perhaps a little less comedic). From the description of this character on the PlayStation website, he seems less than enthusiastic to join Noctis on this quest as Square states that this is his “unlucky year.”

final fantasy xv

These five characters will be wrapped around a plot of two kingdoms in a cold war. This war is about the possession of a crystal which is the last one in existence. However, when a magic barrier which nulls the use of weapons falls around the kingdom of Rushisu, an invasion occurs from their aggressors. Noctis and his allies afterwards are involved in an all-out war over the crystal.

Final Fantasy XV has no set release date so far but it has been confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation Japan

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