We have been given more details, and a trailer, for the upcoming RPG, Stories: The Path Of Destinies.

What we know so far about Stories: The Path Of Destinies is that it is a visually-impressive, isometric RPG. The soft graphic style lays atop a fantasy story, told by a witty narrator who makes comment on the player’s actions. You take control of Reynardo The Fox, who is caught in between a raging war between a mentally-unstable Emperor and an underground Rebellion.

The trailer has given us a first look at the main weapon in Reynardo’s arsenal: his sword skills. We can see the zippy fox darting from enemy to enemy, mixing dashing attacks with stylish grapples, all perfectly timed to string together deadly combos. The combat looks simple, sweet and satisfying and promises to be moreso when combined with Reynardo’s other ability: “immensely powerful Time Mastery.”

The team over at SpearHead Games have placed special importance on the loot and exploration of the world in attempts to avoid a linear progression:

“As part of the feeling of adventure we wanted to give to our players in Stories, it was really important to us that Reynardo be able to explore the various locations of the world of Boreas and uncover hidden secrets, loot some treasures (he is an ex-pirate, after all), and gear himself up with some badass magic swords!”

All this was said the teams blog post, in which they not only discussed swords but other magic loot to give Reynardo the edge in battle:

“Some of the most precious treasures Reynardo can find during his adventures are rare magical gems. Equipping these shiny baubles will enhance our swashbuckling hero’s natural abilities, like resistance, speed, or damage. There are multiple combinations you can choose from to customise Reynardo to your liking.”

There is also talk of forging your own magical weapons with special abilities, such as the ability to generate massive fiery explosions on impact. The team have given us an exciting look into the game, and we can’t wait to see more. If these details weren’t enough to whet the appetite, then check out the trailer:

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