In 2011—long before Atlus released Persona 5 to worldwide acclaim—it launched the wonderfully weird puzzle-platformer Catherine, which is slated to receive an expanded re-release next year.

This new edition, called Catherine: Full Body, was announced in late 2017 and revealed to include new story details, difficulty modes, and gameplay mechanics. These features have now been expanded upon courtesy of an update on the game’s official website.

The core division between visual novel-styled storytelling and puzzle-platformer gameplay remains intact. The latter, which takes place within protagonist Vincent’s nightmares and has him climbing towers, will receive a plethora of assists to make it easier for players who simply want to enjoy the narrative. The Safety difficulty level is the most pronounced of these quality-of-life changes, removing traps, time limits, and the threat of a game over.

Meanwhile, Auto Play will have Vincent climb automatically, Retry Assist returns players to the point of their failure, and Auto Undo reverses the previous move in the event of failure.

As for the story, the special edition of the Asian release will include ten extra voices for the eponymous Catherine, which are set to be released individually as DLC after the initial launch. Whether the Western release will receive similar support is uncertain at present. Nonetheless, the biggest changes to the narrative will come from the inclusion of a third heroine; previously referred to as Rin, and said to have a personality more gentle than that of Catherine and Katherine, her full name has now been revealed as Qatherine. Further details on how this third temptation for Vincent will alter the overarching story remains unrevealed.

Catherine: Full Body will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on February 14, 2019 in Asia. Atlus has not yet confirmed a Western release date , though the game will release in these regions.

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