CEO and Creative Director of Deck13 Jan Klose has announced some more details about their upcoming action-RPG The Surge, their follow-up to 2014’s Lords of the Fallen.

In a blog post on the PlayStation website he outlines a few new things about the game and throws in some new screenshots and artwork as well.  We are told that The Surge will be set in a dystopian future “where robotics and mega-corporations work hand-in-hand in an effort to preserve what’s left of Earth’s fragile climate” as the game takes you in to a world where there has been ample technological advancement but political, environmental, and economic turmoil in the world results in things going as badly as they possibly could.

Klose also goes on to elaborate about the areas, like the nature of the technological advancement, that the near-future setting allows the team to explore, which benefits gameplay and makes combat all the more enjoyable: “This is a gritty future – it isn’t robots vs humans, it’s cybernetics and man-kind rather inelegantly gnawed, sawed, and nailed together, trying to improve what it is to be human… or, rather, making the human manufacturing machine more efficient.”

This also allows for upgrades as you better your character by augmenting elements of your armour and your exo suit in general, to which your progress in the game is closely bound. This is intended to give the game a more grounded sense of progression in the sense that you aren’t just getting XP points, but in a much more tangible sense the technology you use is improving.

It is made very clear that The Surge will be a difficult game, but this is to accentuate the risk and reward element. “You need to analyse your enemies, find their weak spots, and then take a counter measure of your choice to confront them and bring them down. And yes, you are going to die a couple of times in the process.”

The major difference between this and Lords of the Fallen is that here they intend to take a bit longer to introduce the array of different features to the player at the start of the game. This is so you can “grasp the whole toolset of possibilities and not miss out on some of them just because they were introduced poorly.” These introductions won’t be done through the medium of a tutorial but pointed out to you as you go.

The Surge will release on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC some time in 2017.

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