New details and five new screenshots for the PlayStation 4 exclusive game Resogun have been released. Resogun is a beautiful sidescrolling arcade shoot-em-up developed by Housemarque, the creators of the Super Stardust series.

The game will have five worlds, each of which having three stages. The final of the three stages will be a boss stage. Moreover, the game will have four difficulty settings: Rookie, Experienced, Veteran, and Master. The Veteran and Master settings will have faster and deadlier enemies, as well as a new feature called Revenge Bullet.

Each of the five screenshots from the game showcases one of the game’s five worlds.

Resogun releases exclusively for the PlayStation 4 at launch on November 15 in the US, November 29 in Europe, and February 22 in Japan. The game will be free for PlayStation Plus members on launch day as well.

Source: IGN

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