After Life Is Strange’s success this year, a lot of people are looking forward to Dontnod’s next adventure. We already knew the title of ‘Vampyr’ from an announcement earlier this year, but today we have been blessed with some more gameplay and story information. (See our previous gameplay announcements about the title here.)

Set in a 1918 version of Britain stricken with a Spanish flu, the player takes the role of Jonathan E. Reid who is a surgeon returning from military duty who also happens to be a vampire. The most intriguing aspect of this of course is that you will be forced to take lives in order to live, but also save the lives of others as part of your job.

Vampyr will be a full-production RPG, as opposed to the episodic tale of Life is Strange. Dontnod have previous experience with 2013’s action-adventure Remember Me published by Capcom, and after the backing of Square Enix for Life is Strange they now have Focus Home Interactive publishing their latest vampiric adventure.

There are no gameplay videos yet, but Dontnod have released some new pieces of concept art which can be seen below. For an interview with some of the developers click here, courtesy of Gamespot.

We’re looking forward to this one at OnlySP, despite the fact we won’t see it until 2017. Keep up to date with any Vampyr news on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Rhys Cooper

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