Single player games seem to be really making a comeback in 2015, and we absolutely love to see that.

A new indie studio in Stockholm, Sweden has been revealed as Lionbite Games, who are currently developing one of the first announced Unity 5 titles called Rain of Reflections, a cyberpunk RPG set in a futuristic dystopian world. However, one of the more interesting facets of the game is the use of  three main protagonists. Two of which, will be female, according to the developers.

The game will feature a lot of exploration, player choice and of course, combat, which the developers are looking to make a bit more complex rather than just “mindlessly blowing enemies to pieces.” You can read a few more details pertaining to what the game is just below in an easy to read format from the game’s website.

Rain of Reflections tells its noiresque story through three protagonists, two of which are female.

The game will constantly move forward, without fillers, repetitive battles or monotonous grinding.

The battle system is deeply connected to the story and centered around a unique morale mechanic.

Currently, Rain of Reflections is planned only as a PC title, but they are considering other platforms (PS4, Xbox One) for a later release. You can check out the reveal trailer for the game just below.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of all the latest details regarding Rain of Reflections as the game is right up our alley. Follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest details regarding Lionbite’s first game.

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  1. Funny how having female characters is now a selling point for games.

    1. Dont know if its working tho. I usually skip games with a focus on female protagonist

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