In an interview on IGN’s talk-show, Up at Noon, Randy Pitchford confirmed that a new Brother’s in Arms game is currently in development. While he didn’t give any specifics, like when we should expect the announcement, if it’s next-gen or not etc, he did say that Gearbox “loves” the series and there is creative effort heading into the series.

In the video he comments on the success of Brothers in Arms when it released in 2005 with scores averaging in the 90’s and later says “and we’re still not done by the way.”

“The hallmarks of the Brothers in Arms series are about authenticity, squad combat, brotherhood between soldiers,” Pitchford told IGN. “I mean we really commit to and have a tremendous amount of deference in the Brothers in Arms games,” and Furious 4 simply didn’t align with these goals. Instead, Furious 4 will become a new IP, freeing Gearbox to work on a more traditional Brothers in Arms title.

“For what Brothers in Arms is meant to be, we love that too,” said Pitchford, “and we do have some creative effort going on there that will lead eventually to a project that we’ll announce at some point.” It’s still too early to announce any specifics, but Pitchford says Gearbox loves the series, “and we’ve got some action there as well.”

He also commented on the status of what was once known as Brothers and Arms: Furious 4, but the game has continued to evolve as we reported on a few weeks ago and will become a brand new IP from Gearbox without the Brothers in Arms name.

Hell’s Highway was the latest Brothers in Arms game and is personally one of my favorite World War II shooters for it’s deep and personal story that most other FPS games are generally lacking. We’ll continue to follow this developing story and be sure to cover any news on the latest Brothers in Arms game.

You can hear the comments in IGN’s extended interview with Randy Pitchford.

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