Following the leak last week that 2018’s Battlefield game will be set in World War II, further details have surfaced to provide further clarity on the project’s campaign and design.

GamesBeat, the source responsible for the original Battlefield V leak, claim the campaign will follow a similar set-up to Battlefield I, which contained a series of vignettes from different protagonists that contributed to an overarching story. Multiple theatres of war were covered in the Battlefield I campaign using this method, so that Battlefield V would follow a similar structure makes sense, even though covering the entirety of World War II is sure to be more difficult.

The title will be the series’s first foray into World War II since the multiplayer-only Battlefield 1943 from 2009.

A co-operative mode is also rumoured, but no further details have emerged as to whether this mode will support local play or be online only.

Changes to gameplay are coming, too, with GamesBeat claiming that players can now go prone on their backs, similar to the system already employed in Rainbow Six: Siege. These gameplay changes imply that DICE is perhaps trying to add as much depth as possible to its game design, perhaps hearkening back to the earlier Battlefield titles that were more entrenched in realism than their modern counterparts.

This new information follows a report in USGamer last week that claimed the new Battlefield title will have lootboxes, but that they will be for cosmetic items only. EA, which owns DICE, has hopefully learned its lesson following the backlash against the inclusion of lootboxes in Star Wars: Battlefront II, but this rumour suggests that lootboxes, at least in the AAA industry, are here to stay.

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Ben Newman

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