The Official Xbox Magazine has had some hands-on time with Batman: Arkham Knight and outed some details on this conclusive title in the much loved series.

According to PhenomFawaz on the Batman: Arkham Knight forums, OXM have explained that Gotham City feels alive compared to its previous itterations, whether or not there will be civilians wondering around the city like in other open world titles is yet to be known. The article also goes on about the beauty of Arkham Knight and the rain effects such as water dripping from Batman’s cape and splashing in puddles on the street and when moving around the city, you’ll have access to the Batmobile which can break through anything from stone to steel.

Rocksteady have placed an immense amount of detail on Arkham City’s sound design, as OXM detailed “squeal of the tires to the crack and burst of nitrous flames from the exhaust every time you use the car’s rechargable boost to accelerate.”  However, unlike many other open world games, there won’t be a mini-map when inside the Batmobile and instead players will focus on the streets around them.  You can place waypoints within Gotham to follow through marked tire prints on the road, but the lack of a mini-map was a conscientious decision by the developer.

Another interesting fact from OXM is that there will not be one main scenario to follow. Instead the villains will co-ordinate an attack when Batman is around their area as Rocksteady wants to avoid a linear narrative design with side missions scattered around the map.

Batman: Arkham Knight will stick mostly to its roots in terms of its combat system and “things will feel familiar.” However, they have added a few new elements such as throwing enemies when countering (with the use of the analog stick) and picking up and smashing them into other opponents.

Overall, it sounds like Rocksteady are creating a more authentic Batman game. Instead of reaching landmarks to start a mission, the game manages to execute scenarios dynamically. The Batmobile is also an excellent addition as this vehicle is possibly his most important gadget to get around the city and from the sound of the OXM article, the Batmobile sounds fast, detailed, and destructive.

Batman: Arkham Knight is releasing sometime this year on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Batman: Arkham Knight Forums and OXM UK

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