During the Nindies Spring Showcase, Neo Cab was announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Described as an “emotional survival game,” Neo Cab follows the life of Lina Romero, the last human rideshare driver. In a distinct cyberpunk universe, players assume the role of Romero as she searches for her best friend, Savy, who is being hunted by a mega-corporation known as Capra.

Romero must continue her day job as a driver whilst unravelling the mystery surrounding her friend. Much like VA11 Hall-A, Neo Cab positions players in ordinary jobs in a futuristic universe.

The player must choose their passengers and dialogue whilst balancing their money and star rating to survive in the dystopian city of Los Ojos. Neo Cab‘s central gameplay loop appears to be navigating the streets while uncovering stories around its colourful cast of characters.

Neo Cab is slated for a Nintendo Switch release later this year. Check out the trailer embedded below:

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