Companies really need to figure out how to explain how their own games work, because Need for Speed is the latest game to have fans outraged on Twitter and Reddit and we haven’t even seen the game yet.

The Need for Speed Twitter account has been answering basic questions on the game since its announcement last week, and one of the most frequently asked questions, aside from what music will be in the game, is if the game will always be online. According to Ghost Games, the latest Need for Speed will require an internet connection to play, most likely so you’ll be connected with the AllDrive system that the latest Need for Speed games have been built around.

However, Ghost Games also says there will be a dedicated single player mode to the game which is most likely the narrative driven story that they’re working on for the game. The real question is though, will Need for Speed have a supported offline mode, and that’s a question that hasn’t been answered as of yet.

Every time the question is asked, the NFS Twitter account sort of diverges the question to focus on AllDrive. So, this could mean there isn’t an offline mode as of yet and will be implemented later, or there won’t be an offline mode at all. It’d be nice if the developers could just say one way or the other.

We’ll keep an eye out for further information regarding Need for Speed’s offline mode so be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. 

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Bah, when will the devs in their always-online with great internet workplaces learn that not everyone has as reliable internet as they do?

  2. welp time to get off the nfs hype train

  3. The entire gaming population does not have broadband, so now you have essentially a paperweight when releasing certain “single player” games. To add insult even if you have broadband, lets say DSL or satellite which isn’t as robust as cable or fiber, you’re still screwed waiting to make a connection to EA’s servers. And for what? To ensure you have a legitimate copy? So you can create an AllDrive account? I know UbiSoft and EA are big dogs in the game publishing world but their online practices for spamming their consumers (who just purchased their product) is unethical and unnecessary.

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