Need for Speed Payback

Developer Ghost Games recently detailed how Need for Speed Payback integrates three playable characters into the racing game’s open-world setting.

Alongside Need for Speed Payback’s fast-paced action-focused heist racing is a story about three people seeking vengeance against a corrupt cartel that runs the underworld of fictional Fortune Valley. Players will fill in the shoes of Tyler Morgan (The Racer), Mac (The Showman), and Jess (The Wheelman) throughout the campaign.

Speaking to PlayStation Access, creative director William Ho said Need for Speed Payback will have players seamlessly changing from one playable to another depending on the race at hand. “You get to choose which races and events and missions that you want to enter,” Ho said. “So if you prefer drag race you can play more drag race as Tyler the racer. Then when you go and play a mission, ‘oh hey I’ve got to get these bank robbers away from this safe house’ so you switch over to Jess, then you go to a drift event and then it’s Mack. Each of these characters, they’re expressing what they want to accomplish, what their motivations are.”

Despite having multiple playable characters, Need for Speed Payback’s open-world functions similarly to past games in the series. Ho said the start of Need for Speed Payback introduces everything the game has to offer “and then quickly [places its] characters in different situations.” Some races will also have level requirements. Therefore, “you’ve got to build your car to challenge these rivals and take them down and work your way to these blockbuster action missions.”

Need for Speed Payback launches on November 10 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will gain access to a 10-hour trial come November 2.

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