Need for Speed Payback

In a bid to make open-world exploration in Need for Speed Payback worry-free, developer Ghost Games is omitting the series staple of having police patrol the city.

In response to a fan’s query on the Need for Speed subreddit, Ghost Games’s F8RGE said “cops will not roam the streets” of the fictional Fortune Valley. Nonetheless, police chases will be accessible by triggering bait crates. “Difference is now, if you want to cruise around the world you can do so without worry of triggering a cop chase, but if you do want some cop action—just activate a bait crate,” said F8RGE.

While chases can be triggered via bait crates, the rules for disengaging the cops have changed. During these events, players have to reach a predetermined location within a given time instead of simply evading the police’s line of sight. “You get a ‘finish line’ but how you get there is up to you,” said F8RGE. “Earn more time by going through check points or taking down cops.”

Additionally, F8RGE touted that Need for Speed Payback has “more cop action” than past entries and “the quality of the pursuits [has been] vastly improved.” Aside from bait crates, the police can also be encountered during story missions and “some events.”

Despite Need for Speed Payback nearing its release date, numerous fans have united with their #FreeTheNFSPolice movement in hopes that Ghost Games will reconsider implementing free-roaming cops.

Need for Speed Payback is a fast-paced action-focused heist racing game set to launch on November 10, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Unlike 2015’s Need for Speed, the single-player content of Payback will be playable offline, and players are able to switch between the three protagonists.

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