Need for Speed Heat

Ghost Games has reiterated the centrality of customisation within its upcoming racer Need for Speed Heat.

In a recent interview with Ulvespill, senior game designer Yoni Rabinowitz drew distinctions between this new entry and the studio’s previous iteration, Need for Speed Payback.

In the earlier game, players would choose an archetype when buying a new car (“when you bought a car you decided whether this is a drift car or if it’s a race car”), but Heat takes a more free-form approach:

“[I]t’s all about how you customize and upgrade the car. So you can buy drift tires and suspension set up and that starts to move the car’s characteristics in different directions”

However, Rabinowitz emphasised that the fine detail of vehicle tuning remains in place.

He also outlined a quality-of-life change that should be appreciated by time-poor gamers: the removal of a need to visit a garage to upgrade or switch vehicle parts. “Once you have purchased parts to your car, you can simply go to your menu and change your car’s parts, no need of driving to a garage or other stops to make changes,” he said.

Need for Speed Heat returns to the street racing synonymous with the series, this time taking place in a fictionalised version of Miami called Palm City. The game is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 8.

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