Need for Speed

As part of its earnings call today, EA revealed that the new Need for Speed game aims, again, to return the series to its roots.

While discussing the publisher’s upcoming releases, which include Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and a new Plants vs Zombies, CEO Andrew Wilson said that a core goal with the new Need for Speed is “revitalizing the street racer vs. cops fantasy at the core of the franchise.”

Later, COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen mentioned expectations to sell approximately four million units based on previous series performance.

However, no further details are forthcoming about the racer, aside from a Q3 release window. Although confirming the existence of a new Need for Speed earlier this year, EA has yet to announce a developer, though Ghost Games (the team behind the last three console iterations) is the most likely choice.

The last game in the series to include police chases as a major gameplay feature was 2013’s Need for Speed Rivals, with the more recent two titles reducing the focus on escaping from police.

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  1. After NFS: Payback I’m not so sure if I really want another Need for Speed game.

    1. How about Need For Speed High Stakes 2? The Stakes have doubled! The heat is high! The cops are on your bumper! Will you survive?

      1. Do you people hate customization or what? Because just stock caŕ against coo in this era like rival is shit idea. Why go back why don’t put cop + customization too and no am not talking about tuning like rival I want livery, bodykit vanity items so much more can be added. Yet you want hot pursuit…

        1. DUH, you know not all of us is a big fan of this Fast and furious era, some of us grewed up in the 90s when it was all about exotic supercars. And since the series celebrate its 25th birthday this year, then it actually make sence that it should be cops and racer. I like too play as both not just racer, thats why i hated NFS15(UG remake. And payback was a pay to win game with cringeworthy story, so no thanks i want a NFS game without story no NOS not tuning etc.

          1. That opinion sucks not trying to start war but if nfs goes just cop and racer with 0 customization believe me it will sell less because this generation loves customisation.
            + it’s stated that it will be like 2015 style so happy.
            Stated by Ben

          2. I dont care, you have not been around as long as me. I grewed up in the 90s when it was not about cuztmazion. So yeah deal with it, you allways have Crew Forza Horizon Driveclub Grid 2. If you are so despratly for a ricer game, my point is not everybody share the same oppinons like yours. You are not speaking for me etc, i would like too se a NFS for once that isent all about tuning NOS. Last game that dident had that was HP 2 from 2002, plus playing as a cop has been there since 98.

          3. You may be a little out of luck André, at least with NFS. EA’s said that customisation is gonna be a big part of this new game:

          4. And I am saying it ppl love nfs for it’s customization too.

  2. Wasn’t it NFS 2015 they said NFS was ‘returning to it’s roots?”. EA obviously is talking BS just to please shareholders. EA people themselves don’t even LOOK at video games they have all the underlings do things for them and some kid goes “Yeah this works great!” and it gets approved.

    When you have what was previously the book keepers run the show you get crap. They only know the numbers not actually how to run something. Steve Balmar his previous position was just that before he did Win 8. The idea at the time was to merge both phones and PC but most of the industry decided mobile only. Not either/or.

    There is almost no software now compared to the 90s. Remember when Elder Scrolls and GTA used to get released every 3 years or so? Even the big guys now are taking the hit. Nintendo has been pretty quiet too ever since a brief announcement of LA and a few random phone like indie games. Elder Scrolls 6 hasn’t gotten past the brief tentative trailer from 2 years ago now? Just wishlists and rumors and I don’t think those are updated anymore either.

  3. Google actually has a meeting once a year where they randomly give money to people who have good ideas then never follow up with it. This is the modern way to run a company and now these companies are in a ‘retail apocolypse’ which is of their own making nobody elses. Google uses Watson AI for their search results to ‘guess’ what you want and every few years it gets more and more useless to search. Now it’s all MSM articles only wheree as before you got old results from forums and threads but now it’s MSM press that THEY approve of.

    Unfortunately Amazon is the scapegoat instead of looking at their biased survey science.

  4. Do you people hate customization or what? Because just stock caŕ against coo in this era like rival is shit idea. Why go back why don’t put cop + customization too and no am not talking about tuning.

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