Upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG Necropolis was expected to release on March 17 on PC, however Harebrained Schemes have released a statement via Steam addressing fans to update them on some ‘Big News’.

Necropolis has been confirmed for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release, with the caveat being that the PC version has been delayed in order to release simultaneously with its console counterparts in the Summer.

Mitch Gitelman, the Studio Head of Harebrained Schemes explains their decision by noting the extra developmental work required for a console release, and not wanting to let it affect their release on PC,

“While I hate to slip our release date, I know from experience that doing a console release right adds a significant amount of dev work. It’s work that had to start right away (because consoles require a lot more lead-time for certification) but we didn’t want the console work to shift our focus away from launching on PC.”

While promising an ever better experience for all,

“The additional time will make for an even better Necropolis for consoles AND for PC.”

Bandai Namco have been recruited to publish Necropolis for consoles, which is a huge coup for Harebrained Schemes. No specific release date has been finalised yet, all we know is that we will get our hands on the stylish third-person action game at some point during the Summer of 2016.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below and make sure to keep up-to-date with any other news surrounding Necropolis with us by following OnlySP on Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) and Facebook.


Rhys Cooper

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