If you’ve been looking forward to Harebrained Scheme’s upcoming stylish dungeon-crawling RPG Necropolis then you don’t have much longer to wait. The studio behind the Shadowrun resurrection have announced that Necropolis will release on Steam on March 17 with pre-orders available from February 2.

As you can see from its original trailer, Necropolis has a third-person perspective and is heavily inspired by challenging action games like Dark Souls. Combat will involve well-timed patterns with both heavy and light attacks to overcome monsters, with an upgradeable protagonist with books, runes, wards, potions, spells and powerful items.

Dying will become a common theme while playing Necropolis, with the player respawning from the start of the area meaning that mastering the combat is a necessity.

From the trailer we can sample the unique art design of the game, and to find out even more you can take a look at the somewhat obscure official website at

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Rhys Cooper

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