Rune: Ragnarok

Human Head Studios has released some exciting new combat details and screenshots for its upcoming third-person sandbox adventure, Rune: Ragnarok.

The information comes as a part of The Rune Recap, a web series by the developers that provides updates and details roughly every two weeks.

The combat in Rune: Ragnarok not only includes brutal open-world brawling, but also ship-to-ship warfare that players can compete in via the campaign, co-op missions, or PvP. One of the more terrifying foes that will be featured within the game’s Norse mythology-inspired world are giants. To defeat a giant, gamers must use everything at their disposal, including rune powers and flaming swords. Gamers will be able to create a Viking warrior and choose which god to follow. Customisation will play a large role in the game, giving players the freedom to reflect their playstyle by choosing from numerous weapons such as swords, axes, warhammers, and throwables.

The game is in the works to fully support mods and allow for user-created content. Another enticing feature set to be included in Rune: Ragnarok is berserker mode, the infamous state a Viking warrior enters when in a frenzy. The studio is are aiming to have sixty-four players in either a PVP or PVE lobby at any one time, but these numbers may vary by the game’s release.

The developers have announced a closed beta for 2018. To gain access to the beta simply sign up via this website and partake in a short quiz, then follow the guidelines. Following the game on Facebook or competing in challenges, such as designing Viking taunts and crests, will increase the chances of acquiring a key.

Rune: Ragnarok is a long-awaited sequel to the original Rune, which released seventeen years ago. The new story will take place in the middle of the world-ending event, Ragnarok, with the Norse gods locked in a battle that has lasted seven years.

While no gameplay footage is yet available for what seems to be an impressive project, Human Head has promised combat footage and more screenshots for early 2018.

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