Possible spoilers ahead

The Last Of Us’ creative director Neil Druckmann recently tweeted an image of concept art that showcased an alternative ending of the game’s story.

Druckmann spoke to Gameinformer saying that Tess was originally meant to be a villain. In the scene above, Tess is torturing Joel and Ellie would have been called into the scene to kill Tess making it the first time she would have killed a non-infected in the game. The death was meant to have a major impact on Ellie and turn the game into a “coming of age” story that focuses on the toll that much violence and horror could have on a young girl.

Druckmann’s panel at PAX takes place at 2:00-3:00 p.m. Pacific on Friday, August 30 where he will reveal more about the alternative story for The Last Of Us. The panel will show how close or far the final game ended up from the original pitch.

Source: GameInformer via Videogamer

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