Fighting fans rejoice because earlier today, Namco Bandai released a statement to the press stating that SoulCalibur II would be re-released on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network in HD.  SoulCalibur II HD Online will be made available shortly and feature all of the previous game play modes that were seen in the original SoulCalibur II but with the inclusion of a new online mode where players would be able to compete against players from outside the normal “couch arena” setting.

While currently no release date is set, it was described as “soon” to the public which gives fans something to look forward to.  Namco Bandai released video along with the statement giving fans a look into the improved HD graphics over the original title, which looks to serve up something to wet fighting fans appetites in the meantime.

Below: Side by side graphical comparison of SoulCalibur II HD Online vs. SoulCalibur II

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