Murasaki Baby, a side-scrolling game made by fledgling developer Ovosonico, will be coming to the PlayStation Vita, Sony announced at its Gamescom conference this afternoon.

The game is the first major project for Italian developer Ovosonico, co-founded by Ubisoft alums Massimo Guarini and Gianni Ricciardi. Ricciardi has also worked with Capcom and Namco.

The game is built around the Vita’s touch screen functions. Gameplay consists of the player leading around a toddler by the hand through a side-scrolling world. Players can interact with both the little girl and the world around her with pokes of the finger and swipes of the hand.

The game features a dark and frankly creepy art style, not dissimilar to the hand-drawn feel of some works by Tim Burton. It seems to be aiming for a similar somber-yet-charming aesthetic to what made Limbo so popular.

Keep an eye out for more news regarding this new game as it develops.

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