Mulaka, the sophomore effort from Mexican game developer Lienzo, has a colourful new trailer and release date.

The Tarahumara-inspired action-adventure will release first on PC and Playstation 4 on February 27, followed by the Nintendo Switch on March 1, and finally the Xbox One on March 2. The developers hope to bring more attention to the Tarahumara, an indigenous culture of northern Mexico who have been neglected by the Latin American historiography.

Players assume the role of a Sukurúame (a shaman) as they seek to purify the land of corruption by drawing on the powers of demigods, solve puzzles, explore the deserts of Mexico, and punch demons in the head.

The trailer, which is embedded below, has some story-related hints, including a possible rescue dynamic. The footage shows off the game’s wonderfully detailed and pronounced art style, too, which is especially refreshing given the underused source material. Bustling with the vibrant ecology of Mexico, the trailer is a good sign for what the game’s level design promises. The environments are derived from real Sierra Tarahumara locations, so Lienzo has committed a lot of resources to ensure Mulaka remains accurate in all parts of its representation.

The game mirrors many of the tales of the Tarahumara, including their legendary long-distance running, affinity for hand-to-hand combat, folklore, and religious practices. Mulaka appears to be deeply embedded in the aesthetics of its influences, which can only be a good thing.

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