In the last few years, the gaming industry has experienced phenomenal growth as more and more people are gaming than ever before. There are many ways in which to access gaming today including console gaming, mobile gaming and even online casino gaming on sites such as One reason for this popularity is its ability to provide in depth storylines through their games. Many of these single player games have become rather iconic for their addictive nature.


Grand Theft Auto V

This game series has been one of the most well known in the gaming industry. Players can get their naughty side on without fear of arrest whether it’s stealing cars, robbing banks and flying helicopters to elude capture. The setting of the game is quite realistic in present day.


This creative game lets players create various structures out of cubes in a 3 dimensional world. Players can also gather resource, craft and engage in combat in this game. Different play modes can be selected. For instance, survival mode is where players must obtain resources in order to build their civilization and maintain its existence.

Call of Duty

Another well-known name in the gaming industry, Call of Duty is a first person shooter game. Since its original release, multiple installments have been created. As of a year ago, the series had sold over 175 million copies with the company’s revenue in the billions.


Probably one of the most successful sports simulation games ever, Madden was first released in 1988. For passionate American football fans, it’s the closest they will ever come to playing in the NFL or building their own team. The game’s cover has become a yearly honor for some football player who has a previous stellar season.

The Sims

First released in 2000, this game became an instant hit, causing many people to become addicted to playing. Considered a sandbox game, the Sims doesn’t require any specific goals of players.

While these games have what it takes to stand the test of time, undoubtedly other games will make this list. Which of today’s top games do you think will earn a spot on this list in the future?

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