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  1. Speaker explains mechanics of the boss – it does look like DS on steroids. There is a possibility to stun the boss, and the second stun works a bit longer than a first one. Boss enrages during the fight (some player spells, like ignite can fill up his enrage bar), and as i understood, can use spells to enchant himself.

  2. Thanks for translate what Tomasz Gop says:) Thank you so much:D I hope CI Games do presentation like this on English:) Then I can understand everything. Today I can tell this game promising to be one of the best RPG which will release in this year. I can’t wait to play on it.

  3. That gameplay was mediocre at best, 5 minutes of dodging about while a dumbass enemy slams itself into walls. Impressive :/

  4. I don’t agree with this game looks mediocre. Lords of the Fallen looks very interesting and promising. I think this gameplay looks like this because game will be more tactical.

    1. I never said the game is/will be mediocre, just that part in the video seemed extremely dull to me. Avoiding clearly telegraphed attacks and waiting for an enemy to knock itself into a daze is all a bit too Batman for my liking and looked very tedious, certainly not what I’d describe as great looking combat.

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