We’ve known for a while now that 4A Games, the developers behind Metro: 2033 and Last Light, have been working on a new entry in the Metro series. But until today, we didn’t really have any concrete evidence on what their other unannounced project entailed.

Today, however, I stumbled across a game designer’s profile on Linkedin for 4A Games which essentially confirms the rumored space project we’ve discussed before is in development.

Back in 2014, a Russian interview spilled the beans on what 4A Games was working on. You can read the full quotes just below regarding the two projects in question.

The second project – a new shooter in the universe Metro, radically different from the previous parts of the series . Working on the script author of the novels “Metro” Dmitry Gluhovskij and action games … Here we have to stop.NDA forbids us to give any details , but look at those episodes and technical pieces that we have seen in the office 4A Games, really impressive .

The third project is even more secret . This is a fantastic shooter about space with a very unusual design , structure and idea. Alien landscapes are fascinating – we do this have never seen . Alas , more information about the new game we can not provide .

While we already knew a new Metro title was in the works, we hadn’t been able to confirm the details on the other game in development at 4A Games based on the information provided in the Russian interview. The LinkedIn profile I’ve come across essentially confirms that piece of information to be true, which is really exciting in my opinion.

An interview conducted at Eurogamer last year also notes that 4A Games is transitioning their games to be more sand-boxy in style. Chief technical officer Oles Shishkovstov explained, “For the game we are working on now, our designers have shifted to a more sand-box-style experience – less linear but still hugely story-driven.” The interview made no mention of either of the games listed above or below, however, so whether both games will be sandboxes or not remains a mystery.


4A Games



Metro: Last Light released all the way back in 2013, so it shouldn’t be too long now before 4A Games starts talking about what they’re working on. Maybe we’ll even see something out of them at Gamescom 2015 next week.

Stay tuned to OnlySP for further details on 4A Games’ next project and be on the lookout for a discussion regarding what we’d like to see from the next Metro game and their next IP by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Hey, I shared this information on the forums months ago. :P

    I wonder if that’s the game they are bringing to Oculus Rift (Please, don’t be an exclusive!). :

    1. You shared the Linkedin profile?

      1. Yes. :)

        1. Shows you how much I checked our own forums then haha. We’ll be working on bringing those back at the start of 2016 most likely.

  2. Excellent news.

  3. That would be amazing if they announced something at gamescom. I’ve been looking forward to another Metro game so badly. It’s my most anticipated game

  4. so will be next metro or not ?

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